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What Kind Of Man Would I Be by Blake Karrington | Parker's Review

by - 12:30 PM

What Kind of Man Would I Be by Blake Karrington
Published on Feburary 14, 2018 by Blake Karrington Presents

Standalone or Series: Standalone
Page length: 234 pages
Crown rating: 1 crown
Reviewer: Parker
How long did it take to finish? 3 days

Every man has that moment when it's time for him to either step up or step out. When he must decide if he’s ready to leave his childish ways and become a man
For these four childhood friends that time has finally arrived. As choices start to become tougher, will life, love and new relationships force them to be the men their loved ones need them to be or will they fold under the pressure?

What I liked:
I liked that the book was written from man’s point of view, and that it was intended to delve deep inside the brain of a man for once instead of catering to the women.

What I did not like:
Where to begin? There were a lot of things that disappointed me about the book. Mainly the inconsistencies. The synopsis leads to to believe that the book is strictly from a male’s point of view. However, the book is in third person which means we get a good look into everyone’s minds, including the women. This wouldn’t be as troublesome if it weren’t for the fact that there are so many characters to keep up with. Another thing that I disliked and found inconsistent with the book, is that the writer often created situations that pitted blacks against whites, yet created an interracial relationship. I don’t know if this was an attempt at creating diversity, but it was very odd and random to have so much hatred towards those of non color towards the beginning of a novel, only to throw an interracial relationship in the middle. There were also a lot of fly by characters in the book. For example, when Keera and Los broke up after losing their child it was mentioned that Los was in a brand new relationship. There was no mention of this girl beforehand and seemed as if she’d appeared out of then air. Later on it is mentioned that Los and Keera were back together, as he’d ended his relationship with the other girl. Because there was no elaboration on that situation, there was honestly no need for it to be apart of the book. The whole storyline with Ant and Carly getting STD’s was just outlandish and outright unrealistic to me. Especially the timeline of events. There were a few good things about the story, but overall it was a huge no for me.

Would I recommend this? Read it again? Read the next book in the series?
I didn’t think this book was a good read, so wouldn’t recommend or read it again.

I gave the novel one crown, and would likely give it one star. It just wasn’t that great to me.


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