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Urban Fairytale Series #1 | Beast | Sneak Peek!

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Parker and Bella are so excited to get the ball rolling on our Urban Fairytale Series. This is a series where TLQ gets to take those classic fairytales so many of us know and love and put their own little twist on it while still giving you those fairytale feels. The first book being released in the series is written by Parker! This will be her first published novel and the Queens can't be more excited about it! Enjoy this sneak peak but before you get to that....take a look at the cover!! 

Dope, right?! And now for something even better. Get a small look into the first book in the Urban Fairytale Series! Beast is loosely based on one of Parker's favorite fairytales, Beauty and the Beast! 

Reygan Haynes.
Pulling my door open a crack, I peeped outside to make sure that I was indeed alone since everyone in the house had plans tonight.
Peering from left to right in the darkened hall, there was no sign of life anywhere.
With a deep sigh, I adjusted the string of the sweatpants that I was wearing, pulling them up a bit before stepping softly out in the hall.
My plan was to head downstairs to explore the beautiful mansion that also doubled as my prison, but a small glimmer of light from the west wing caught my eye, and I glanced over curiously, pulling my bottom lip between my teeth.
The only bedroom visible from the main hall, was the gigantic master suite whose intricate doors remained closed at all times.
Well, except for when the housekeeper was running in and out of it for whatever reason.
Shifting my weight to my right foot, I placed my hands on my hips as curiosity ran more and more rampant through me over what lay behind the large doors.
It didn’t take much to convince myself that if I was to ever figure out what made that room so mysterious, tonight would likely be the only night. Throwing caution to the wind I decided to go for it, praying that I’d be able to slip in and out of the room undetected.
Tiptoeing down the hall, I stopped directly in front of the large doors, lifting a hand and placing it on the brass knob, praying that it didn’t make a loud noise when it was opened.
Thankfully the doors opened silently and I shuffled inside, leaving the door open just a crack.
At first glance, there was nothing too significant about the room. Nothing enough to make it so secret and mysterious anyway.
Adorned in hues of white and gold, it was simple and romantic, yet made a big statement at the same time.
I furrowed my brows a bit as I moved towards the closet, noting from my small peek inside that it was split into a man and woman’s side, full of clothes and shoes.
Backing out, I made my way over to the nightstand, picking up one of the few photo frames that were sitting there.
I smiled a bit as I ran my left hand over the glass, admiring what seemed to be a family photo with Aasim and two people that I’d never seen before, but was assuming were his parents.
Aasim appeared to be super young, yet still handsome, and his mother was absolutely gorgeous with flawless chocolate skin that reminded me of Ade’s. His father was tall and good looking. Aasim was damn near his spitting image, minus all the scowling he did.
The picture seemed genuine and full of love and happiness which made me wonder why his mother and father were never around.
If no one else was able to, maybe they’d be able to convince him to set me free and let me go home.
“What are you doing in here?” Aasim’s voice came from behind me in such a lethal tone that I nearly dropped the picture frame that I was holding.
Scrambling to place it back in its rightful spot, I whirled around to face him, completely confused at who this stranger was that was standing in front of me. His twisted expression made him nearly unrecognizable.
His eyes were dark and full of hate, almost seeming out of focus as he stared at me, but didn’t stare at me at the same time.
Aasim’s entire body was also so rigid that I swear if someone touched him, he would likely break into a thousand pieces. His fists were balled up at his sides, and he was breathing so deeply I could see his chest rising and falling heavily beneath his shirt.
His appearance was so terrifying that I was at a loss for words.
I should have stayed in my room.
“ANSWER ME!” He shouted so loudly that his voice reverberated off the walls and over to me, sending a chill through my body. “What the fuck are you doing in here!?”
“I-I,” Stuttering lightly, I didn’t know whether to run and try and get past him, or cry, but I knew that I most definitely couldn’t find a single word to say. “I didn’t-”
“Didn’t I tell you to stay out of here!? Didn’t other people tell you to stay out of here? Huh!?”
Before I could even process his words, he was storming towards me so quickly that I backed into the wall, almost peeing on myself.
Footsteps sounded out in the hall, but I was sure that it was likely no one would be able to get to me before he ended my life with his bare hands.
“I’m sorry!” I finally managed to choke out, tears welling up in my eyes. “I just saw the light and I-”
Grabbing the front of my shirt, he slammed my back into the wall so hard that I lost my breath for a second.
“You don’t fucking listen!” He shouted, his face contorted with a mix of rage and pain that I’d never seen on a human being ever in life.
“Aasim!” I heard Chaunce’s voice ring out sharply, and within seconds he appeared next to us, attempting to create some space between Aasim and I.
“Let her go!” He commanded, trying his hardest to pry Aasim’s fingers away from the grip that he had on my shirt.
“Aasim let her go!” Laurent co-signed from somewhere behind Aasim. By this point my eyes were flooded with tears and I wouldn’t have been able to see if I wanted to. “Bruh you gonna hurt her! Let her the fuck go!”
The death grip that he’d had on my shirt was released and I mustered up all the strength that I possessed to push him away from me..
“Reygan,” Laurent called softly, grabbing for me as I skated past him, but I dodged him as well, flying out into the hallway.
“What the hell!?” Ade fussed as she neared the top of the winding staircase, grabbing my shoulders so that I wouldn’t bump into her and knock her over. “Reygan what happened, are you okay?”
“FUCK HER!” Aasim’s voice boomed, and I jumped, letting out a choking sob while pulling myself out of Adelaide’s grip. “GET THE FUCK OUT!”
“DON’T FUCKING TALK TO HER LIKE THAT!” Ade jumped at my defense, but I was over it. I was over being held hostage in this house, and I was over him.
“I’m sorry. I can’t stay here!” I cried out, fleeing past her and down the steps, my need to get away from him fueling my speed.
I couldn’t care less who was behind me, attempting to chase me down. I was getting out of this house, and I was getting out of it now.
Wrenching the front door open, the cool night air hit me gently as I ran down the steps and off into the darkness.
The property was close to pitch black, and I had no idea where I was going, or which path led to the exit. But if it took me all night, I was getting off of this estate.
Slowing my run down to a brisk walk in order to catch my breath, I wiped my face with the sleeve of my sweatshirt.
I was so tired of crying, and so tired of feeling weak. This situation had taken all of my power from me, but, I was determined to get it back. Starting with finding a way home.
Stopping for just a moment, I strained my ears to see if I could hear anything from behind me. I was so far away from the main part of the house that it was officially pitch black. It was so dark that I couldn’t even see two feet in front of me.
Satisfied that I heard nothing, I began my trek again, picking through trees while wandering aimlessly on the property.
I lost track of how long I walked, but I felt like I had to have been making some kind of progress when I saw a faint light up ahead.
Aasim’s estate was set so far back from the main gate that the light I saw flashing had to mean that I was nearing the wrought-iron bars that had housed the prison I’d been stuck in for the past month.
Urging myself forward, I let out a sigh of relief when the trees cleared, only to nearly piss myself once again to see at least three men standing there holding the biggest guns that I’d ever seen in my life.
A quick once over let me know that they weren’t the guards that worked for Aasim, because those guards wore specific colors.
These men were dressed in all black.
For a moment they seemed to be just as in shock and frozen as I was, until one of them spoke up in Patois. I had no clue what he was saying, but whatever it was didn’t sound friendly.
Taking that as my cue to get out of the dodge, I turned to run, only making it a few feet before a shot rang out. Letting out a small scream, I dove to the ground.
Frantically patting myself down to see if I’d been shot, I let out another scream as one of the men approached me, grabbing me by my ankle.
Telling myself that I wasn’t going out like this, I curled my fingers, scratching at his eyes. “Let me go!” I fussed, scratching as hard as I could and kicking my feet as best as I was able to.
It was three of them and one of me, so I was more than sure that I would end up on the losing side of this battle, but I at least wasn’t going to go out without a fight.
Somebody was gonna have some damage done to them when everything was all said and done.
“Get ha!” One of the other men screamed harshly, and the man that I was fighting drew back his fist, punching me so hard across the face that bright stars exploded in my head.
Groaning slightly, I felt another tug on my ankle, but this time, I just laid there, all of the fight in me depleted.
I was starting to accept the fact that it was more than likely my time to go, when suddenly I was free, and the man that had a hold on me was tackled to the ground hard.
Scrambling backwards, I squinted my eyes, attempting to see who it was that had come to my rescue.
When I heard my name, I nearly fainted at whose lips it was coming from. “Reygan!” Aasim called out. “Run! Get back to the house.”
Something inside of me jolted, and I picked myself up off of the ground, running back into the trees from where I’d came.
Branches scratched at my face, but I kept moving with every intention on getting back to the house, when I heard a shot ring out, causing my blood to run cold.
Stopping dead in my tracks, I turned back in the direction that I’d just been running from, battling myself on whether or not to go back to the house like Aasim said, or go back and make sure that he was okay.....

Beast is now available on Amazon.

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