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Beast | Another Sneak Peek !

by - 8:00 AM

One more sneak peek and then feel free to grab your copy on Amazon! 

Pulling my black sweatshirt over my head, I paused for a moment to glance at myself in the large mirror mounted on my wall before turning away and grabbing my burner from where it sat on the end of the dresser.

I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t anxious about what the fuck I knew was about to go down. I had been looking for her and allowing my hatred and rage to fuel me for so long, that now that this was finally about to be over and done with for good I felt somewhat empty.

The only good thing about this situation is that once Sage was taken care of, I’d finally be able to take my ass back home and sort out all the piled up bullshit that I’d left behind.

It’d been three years since the night that Sage set me up to be robbed by Kente.

If it wasn’t for Ade having claimed that she wanted to sleep in her own bed instead of the hotel that she and Laurent were planning on crashing at that night I probably wouldn’t even be here right now.

They found me in the nick of time and got me to a hospital where I underwent two blood transfusions to replace all the blood I’d lost.

I lost count of how many stitches it took to close up my cheek, and I had to stay in the hospital for a month to regain my strength before I was able to be released.

Being that I had just closed on my weapons deal, crazy rumors started to fly on the island immediately about what had happened to me and why.

While I was out of commission, I told my family to let whatever rumors floating rampant in the streets about me to take flight.

I didn’t want anyone to know the full story of what had gone down or if I was dead or alive until I was ready. Mostly because I didn’t want it to get back to Kente or Sage that I’d survived their bullshit.

Once I’d been released, I laid low on my estate planning and mapping out my revenge.

Kente was easy to catch slipping. He was so cocky and flashy that it only took my cousins and myself two days to track him down. I made him suffer for weeks before finally putting him out of his misery.

Sage’s shifty ass was a completely different story.

Looking back on it, I probably should have seen her betrayal coming from a mile away. Having grown up in rough circumstances, Sage and her cousins used to hit licks in order to keep money in their pockets and food in their stomachs.

Her struggle was one of the things that drew me so close to her in the first place. My family had always been more than well off, so when we started dating I did everything in my power to make sure she had whatever she needed just so she wouldn’t have to follow behind her stupid ass family and their way of life.

I should have left that bitch in the gutter where I found her.

Sage may have been a little naive, but she was far from stupid. From what I was able to gather after months of searching the island and its surrounding areas for her, she had fled to the US to escape the wrath of my family if they were to ever figure out what she had done.

After I was granted my visa for an extended stay, I was right behind her.

Chaunce and Laurent both thought that my coming here was a bad idea, but they agreed to take over in my absence and run my business for me anyway.

While taking one last sweep across my bedroom to make sure that I had everything I needed for tonight, the thought of women getting in my head had me thinking back to the shorty that I’d run into the other day near Central Library.

I’d originally been annoyed as shit when she ran into me, but the fact that she was cute as fuck took my irritation down a notch or two.

At first glance she appeared meek, but, the fire in her eyes when she’d snapped on Gabe’s hoe ass, revealed that there was much more to little miss curly hair than what met the original eye.

Shaking the shit off, because fucking around with feelings was what had me fucked up when it came to Sage, I stalked out of my bedroom, snatched my keys from the hook by the door, and exited my condo.

A few of my neighbors were out in the hall and gave me funny looks as I headed to the elevator, likely because I had a sweatshirt and sweatpants on when it was so damn warm outside, but I didn’t give a single fuck.

The doors dinged open, and I stepped inside, pressing the button for the bottom floor.

As the elevator doors closed, so did my eyes as I reveled in the thought that after searching for her ass for what felt like forever, I was about to come face to face with Sage for the first time since the night she’d almost gotten me killed.

And she was about to pay with her life for trying me when it came to mine.


“What up?” Hansen, the lookout that I’d recruited to keep eyes on Sage greeted me, dapping me up the moment that I approached his car.

“Where she at?” I questioned, ignoring his pleasantries.

“Should be coming down the block any minute now. She left the bar alone and skipped a taxi, opting to walk.”

“Bet.” I nodded, walking away from him and posting up against the wall, waiting.

Sure enough, she came switching her ass around the corner just a few moments later, causing my jaw to tighten immediately.

She was clearly buzzed, singing to herself without a single care in the world.

I was livid.

Waiting until she got close enough, I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the dimly lit shadows, covering her mouth so that she couldn’t scream.

She was scared the moment that she felt someone grab her, but when she realized that it was me, her eyes filled with the pure, unadulterated fear that I’d been dying to see since the moment I came here.

“What’s wrang?” I questioned with a smile, keeping a tight grip on the base of her neck. “Yuh nah happy to see mi?”

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