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Power | Cover & Synopsis!

by - 8:00 AM

The time is getting closer for the second book in our Urban Fairytale Series to be released. Power will be released in November 2018. Stay tune for an official release date! In the meantime, here's why you're here. Enjoy!

"When it came to the cover for my debut novel I knew I wanted something simple but that included certain intriguing aspects. I wanted the title font to be strong to draw attention. The crown was a given as a representation of an empire. The snake is symbolic of backstabbers and venomous people. And the smoke reminds me of the smoke that comes out of a genie lamp. It all came together like I envisioned in my head and I love it. Hope everyone does too!" ~ Bella Jay

S Y N O P S I S 

For The Sultan Empire (TSE) nothing is more important than being and staying on top. The business and family come first.

Jolee Cullen was instilled this all her life and though she accepted it, all she wanted at her age was a chance at a regular life. But as the daughter of crime boss - Samuel Cullen -, and the heir to his throne, a regular life is never something she’d have. She was born with all the power she could want… but she wanted freedom. And once she meets Amare, she’ll have to decide between him and her empire.

Amare Thomas, a skilled thief, has spent the better part of his life trying to stay afloat for himself and his younger brother. When the consequences of a bad decision lands him on TSE’s payroll, he has no idea of the turn his life will take. Or that he’ll fall for his boss’ off limits daughter. For Amare having power is the furthest thing from his mind until he gets a taste.

Jareem Blackwood, the current right-hand man to Samuel, wants what he believes he deserves, and that’s to be Samuel’s successor. Jareem already has it all, but he doesn’t think he has enough. His pockets are deep but sometimes it’s not about the money, loyalty, or respect. It’s about the power. To him, you can never have enough and nothing or no one was going to stop him from getting the throne.

The Urban Fairytale Series is a series of standalone fairytale retellings. Power, the second book in the series, is inspired by the classic fairytale, Aladdin.

Check out the sneak peeks here!

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