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Urban Fairytale Series #2 | Power | Sneak peek!

by - 10:27 AM

**This sneak peek is subject to changes and/or edits**

I walked over and snatched the bag off his head. He opened his eyes, and they blinked a few times as if they were adjusting to the scenery. “Where am I?” he questioned like we were about to have a regular conversation. 

“You know who I am?” 

“Not really but I’m going to assume Jareem,” he said looking up at me. “I hope that means you will be the one who tells me why the hell I’m here and what the fuck kind of beef you got with me.” 

“Oh, they ain’t fill you in?” I questioned as I looked back at Rambo and LB. I knew they hadn’t but sometimes I liked to be dramatic. 

“Clearly not if I’m asking.”

I let my right fist humble him. He ate it like a G and it impressed me. But I still didn’t like him. Not even if I needed him to help me out. He was a pawn necessary to get me to the end goal.  “I came here in a good mood. Don’t fucking ruin it for me or yourself because this can go great for you or really fuckin’ bad.” 

“Whatever. Are you Jareem or what?”

“I am but we’ll talk more about me later. Let’s talk about you.” 

“What about me?” 

“Let’s talk about how you inserted yourself into my home and stole shit that didn’t belong to you.”

He looked up at me with a straight poker face. “What? I don’t know what you talking  about.”

His poker face was good but he couldn’t fool me when I had the fuckin’ proof. I pulled out the pictures I’d printed out before I got here and dropped them at his feet. “That ain’t you?”

He looked down at the pictures. “Nah.”

I sent another punch to his jaw for testing my intelligence. Blood flew from his mouth. “This ain’t you? Choose your words wisely Amare. I don’t like being lied to.”

He spit blood out onto the floor before bringing his eyes back to mine. “Aight that’s me. What the fuck now? You gonna kill me or some shit?”

“Now we make a deal,” I said satisfied with him manning up and being honest. I undid the rope tied around his wrists. I made eye contact with Rambo and LB who changed their demeanor as they went into guard dog mode.  I shook my head, and they chilled out. I had something special for his ass if he tried to run. But he didn’t.

“A deal?” he questioned as he wrung out his wrists and shook them. “I don’t know nothing about you and I’m not trying to make a deal with the devil.”

I huffed at that. I’m only the devil to some when necessary. “Well let’s get better acquainted. I’m Reem as you know and I work with the Sultan.” 

“Well I don’t fuck with any kind of drug shit or whatever TSE has going on. That’s not me. No deal.”

“Good thing I ain’t asking you to be apart of the drug side of things.”

“I want nothing to do with the Sultan Empire. That’s what I’m saying. I said I don’t make deals with the devil.”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Well you ain’t got much of a choice.” 

“You can’t make me do shit I don’t want to do.”

“That’s where you wrong. Next time you should be more careful with who house you rob. I give it to you. You were good but not good enough. Now you gotta deal with the consequences for your actions.”

Amare stared at me. “What if I can give you all your shit back?”

“I already got everything I wanted back. Don’t underestimate me.”

A hint of curiosity crossed over his face but it left as quick as it came. “In that case what do you want with me? Why am I here?” 

“What are you deaf? I already said to make a deal. I might have some of my stuff back but it’s about the disrespect. Therefore, what you gone do is work for me. You can pay off your debt and make your own money. When you look at it… it works in your favor.”

“Not interested.”

“I don’t give a fuck!” Spit flew from my mouth. Frustration filled my bones. I was trying to be nice to the little dumb fuck and sell his raggedy ass a dream and he wanted to turn it down. “No isn’t an option. Maybe I’m not making that clear enough.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cancer sticks. 

These fuckers always make me go there. 

“It is today. Fuck outta here,” he stated as he stood to his feet. He hesitated to see if Rambo or LB would make a move towards him but as I had ordered them, they ain’t move a muscle or blink an eye.  

He started towards the exit when I dropped the bomb I’d been holding right before I lit up my cigarette. “You must be Jesus or something if you think you can walk the fuck away. I already told you. We have a deal and if you don’t hold up your half of the bargain, you gone have to pay.”

“Whatever,” he said as he continued to walk. “Do what you gotta do.”

I nodded my head as a smirk crossed my face. He had more heart than I thought. “It’s gone suck when Auztin can’t run anymore.”  He stopped dead in his tracks as I inhaled taking in the nicotine. I had done my research. I knew he had a little brother. I knew his brother was this star track player and from what some of my insiders told me, Amare and Auztin were thick as thieves. No pun intended. Amare looked at me and if he could, he’d be spitting fire out of his eyes and through my soul. “So you might want to sit your ass back down and listen to what you gone do for me.”

Power, is the second installment in our Urban Fairytale Series. Power is written by Bella and set to be released in the very near future. This will be her first published novel and the Queens can't be more excited about it. If you enjoyed the sneak peek make sure you join her new FB Group and also subscribe to our site!

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