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When Love Calls Your Name by A.J. Davidson | Bella's Review

by - 10:16 AM

When Love Calls Your Name by A.J. Davidson.
Published on May 10, 2018
Standalone or Series: STANDALONE
Page length: 110 | Kindle Version

Crown rating: Subpar. 2 crowns. 

Reviewer: Bella
How long did it take to finish? 3 days

Alaina was living her life just barely making it. Stuck at a job her ex helped her get, she was forced to work with him and his new wife. Unable to hold in her anger any longer, she reacted before thinking and it cost her to lose it all. With life taking a turn for the worse, Alaina was ready to give it all up, including her life. Hearing her name being called by the last person she expected, stopped her from making the worst decision ever.

After meeting Isaiah, you would think he had it all together. Having his own problems to deal with, he met Alaina and realized maybe his problems weren’t as bad as they seemed. He quickly tossed his worries to the side to show Alaina that life is worth living. After spending time together, Isaiah found out that it wasn’t only him saving her but she was saving him too.
Some say it’s better to have loved and lost than to never loved at all. Alaina answered when love called her name but will it be all worth it in the end?

What I liked:
I liked the idea that the author wanted to portray with this novella but unfortunately that was all.

What I did not like:
This was my first time reading an A.J. Davidson novel and unfortunately it was a miss for me. The story felt underdeveloped. I liked the idea of a quick love story with a tragic yet happy ending but it fell short. Maybe if this wasn’t a novella, it would have given the author time to really develop the story more and the characters storylines. I didn’t feel anything towards their love story until I read Isaiah’s letter to her. This did make me tear up a bit but other than that, while reading I was over the book pretty quickly.

Would I recommend this? Read it again? Read the next book in the series?
No. It just didn’t give me the feels like I was expecting.

2 crowns. 2 stars. The book wasn’t terrible but it was supbar at best. It didn’t hold my interest and I couldn’t wait to finish.


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