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Rekindled: A Time to Remember Saga Book One

by - 6:08 PM

Queen Parker is at it again with her fourth release, Rekindled, dropping December 31st. Buckle up for a wild ride as we follow Brielle and Michael as they fight their way back to each other.


Graduation day was set to be the best day of Michael Harrison and Brielle King’s lives. With a ring in hand, Michael planned to take the plunge and ask his college sweetheart to marry him in front of all of their family and friends. However, an old mistake of Michael’s strikes disaster, casting a dark circle over the couple that they couldn’t overcome.

Fast forward almost two years later, and after successfully managing to avoid one another at all costs, the twosome finds themselves forced together much to each of their dismay. Despite their desire to stay out of each other’s path, sparks fly when a tragic event causes Michael and Brielle to reconnect.

It seems as if the couple is on the fast track to working their way back into each other’s hearts, but dangers lurk in the shadows desperate to keep them apart. Figures from Brielle and Michael’s past rear their ugly heads, and by the end of it all one of them is left with their lives hanging in the balance.

Is it too late? Or will Michael and Brielle beat all odds as their old love is rekindled?

Meet the Players:

Brielle King

Brielle is young, feisty, heartbroken over her ex, and sleeping with a married man. She thinks she has it all under control, with no idea of how close she is to disaster.

Michael Harrison:

Michael is young, ambitious, and determined to be the best father that he can be while fighting to win back the heart of his ex, Brielle.
These two will be live and ready to take over your kindles December 31st, just in time for the new year :)

xoxo, Parker 💕

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