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A Toxic Kind Of Love | Cover, Sneak Peek, & Release Date

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Adalyn finished the last touches to her makeup as her cell phone rang. She already knew it was Kelcee calling because it wouldn’t have been Landon checking in like a good boyfriend would. “You outside?” Adalyn spoke into the phone as she put it on speaker and continued to make sure everything was in order.
“Yasssss!” Kelcee exclaimed.
“Girl bring ya ass!” Adalyn heard Trinity, the final piece to their trio, yell. She laughed from hearing the excitement of her friends. She had to admit she too was ready for a well-deserved night out with her girls because she couldn’t remember the last time she did. 
“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Adalyn pressed the red end call button while grabbing her black clutch and exiting her bedroom. She took one final look at herself in the full-length mirror positioned against the hallway outside of the kitchen. She was working the skin tight smoky gray colored dress that stopped mid thigh. The back of the dress drooped allowing all of her back to be on full display down to her arch. She topped it off with silver accessories and five inch black stilettos. 
“Going out?” her roommate, Gynah, asked, walking out of her bedroom. “You‘re working that dress.”
“Thanks and yeah. My friends are dragging me to that End of Summer party tonight at Beachem.”
“That’s what’s up. You don’t get out enough, girl.” She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water out of the fridge. 
“Right. Landon turned me into a homebody.”
Gynah giggled. “Men will do that. Well have fun.” She retreated into her room as Adalyn took a selfie. 
Adalyn and Gynah were cordial, but they weren’t friends. Adalyn was looking for a roommate after her last one had to leave on short notice and Gynah was a friend of Landon’s good girl friend, Tessah. They meshed as roommates but Adalyn wasn’t keen on the fact that she was friends with Tessah. 
Tessah and Landon had been supposedly platonic best friends since they met freshman year but Adalyn never bought it. She believed they’d fucked just as he’d fucked many others he claimed he didn’t. 
Before Adalyn could get situated in the car, the questions flew. “So how did you convince bae to let you out?” Kelcee interrogated.
“What you got off for good behavior or something?” Trinity joked. “I guess you must have worked the dick. Or did you sneak out?” 
“Nah she too much of a goodie two shoe.” Kelcee put in her two cents and then continued, “Girl where you got that dress from?”
“And them shoes!! They—” Trinity chimed in only to get cut off by Adalyn.
“Well damn am I supposed to answer any of these questions? Can y’all tricks breathe? Y’all worse than the damn police. Shit! Feel like I’m getting interrogated. What’s the damn charges?”
“Being able to leave the damn house!” Trinity and Kelcee screamed and laughter followed.
“I hate y’all. I should have stayed in the house.” Adalyn pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. “And for the record, I leave the house!”
“Not with us,” Kelcee objected. 
“Facts. Anyway,” Trinity cut in. “Kels said you were staying in with the boo. What changed?” 
Adalyn allowed her eyes to roll as the conversation with Landon replayed in her head. “Well he had other plans.” She tried to keep her response vague. Her friends thought her and Landon’s relationship was picturesque and she preferred to keep it that way. When people know about your problems, they always wanted to give their opinion on what they would do and you should do and Adalyn didn’t need the negativity. 
“Um what you mean?” Trinity asked turning around in the passenger seat to look at Adalyn. Kelcee peaked at her through the rear-view mirror. 
Adalyn let out a small sigh, “He told me that he had plans to chill with his LBs and vibe. You know how them niggas do.”
“And he didn’t tell you?” Trinity questioned. Adalyn didn’t want to play twenty-one questions even though she knew her two closest friends wanted to be informed about her life. She was hardly ever around them anymore and it had nothing to do with Landon’s control issues. It was her and wanting to always be around her man and making sure that he kept his penis in his pants. But she needed to do better, this was their last year together before they all went off to live life post college. 
Yet, the question struck a nerve. “Obviously not. Anyway I’m done talking bout his fuck ass. I’m tryna have fun tonight. So please don’t ruin it with his name.” Trinity nodded and turned back around in her seat. 
“That’s fine ‘cause I was done talking about him anyway,” Kelcee said with a laugh as they arrived at their destination.
The club was wall to wall packed but Adalyn loved it. The energy was high, and she was on her third Grateful Dead and her fifth guy. Or at least that was what she remembered. She was feeling like she was on top of the motherfucking world. Adalyn and her girls were in their zones without a care in the world. 
Adalyn laughed at Trinity twerking her entire soul on some random dude who couldn’t handle her. “Get him girl!” Adalyn yelled as she herself put in work on the dude she was dancing with. Seconds later someone snatched her by her arm having her to come face to face with him. Her body froze.

Coming April 11, 2019
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